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| July 6, 2015

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Zelda 25th Anniversary Club Poster Correction

Zelda 25th Anniversary Club  Poster Correction


Nintendo is doing a lot to make up for their mistakes lately. This time around they are sending out a brand new replacement poster because there was a minor mistake in their Club Nintendo Skyward Sword poster. If you have not noticed, there was a slight error near one the Loft wings. Some people noticed this and complained, promoting Nintendo to issue an apology and a correct version of the poster during the first week of February.

  • JojoKay

    ….Spazz much, people?

  • Mike

    Am I missing it? I can't find the mistake in that picture there.

    • noahglaser

      You know I was not quite sure the mistake either. But they sent an email stating there is one so ill take their word

    • itachio

      One of the wings have golden tips, the other doesn't.

      • noahglaser

        Thanks for pointing out the problem :)

      • Jackie

        lol I guess I'm kind of mad but I;m also kind of giggleing

        • Jackie

          srry I might have spelt that wrong

  • Sam


  • Mike

    I’ve had the skyward sword poster set ordered since December 27th and it’s been back ordered ever since. :/