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November 27, 2015

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Twilight Princess | Zelda Twilight Princess


twilight princess

Twilight Princess


Twilight Princess is the story of a young man named Link. Learning the ways of the sword from his mentor Rusl and soon finding his world turned upside down, Link leaves his farm life and small village behind to retrieve his kidnapped friends. Upon leaving the village, Link runs into a wall of Twilight. Not knowing what he is looking at; Link is shocked to see that the road is blocked. Being pulled into the Twilight, Link is confronted by a Shadow Beast but is soon saved by the Triforce of Courage, which turns him into his wolf form. Waking in a prison, Link finds his self chained to the floor and in the form of a wolf. Greeted by an imp named Midna, Link is set free. Using the many abilities that Link learns throughout his quests and Midna’s powers, Link navigates his way through dungeon after dungeon in hopes of restoring peace to the land. Along the way, Link and Midna’s relationship grows and Midna realizes that she can’t be selfish in only helping her own kind. Also, along their travels, they learn that Ganon is behind everything and that he must be stopped. Link and Midna face and defeat Ganon and save Hyrule.

Game Play

The first thing you may notice about Twilight Princess is that you have a choice on what system you want to play it on, either the Wii or the Gamecube. Both versions are relatively the same game with minor differences to allow the easiest control style for the game. On the Wii, the game is inverted; meaning while one thing is on the left in the Wii, it will be on the right for the Gamecube, and vice versa. The controls for the Gamecube include the general control scheme as seen in previous Zelda games. Whereas the Wii Version, you’re given a motion controller and a crosshair made to look like a fairy (Sort of like Navi.). This allows for better accuracy when using your bow than you would get in the Gamecube version.

Link has the ability to transform into a wolf this time around. However, this does not affect game play on either system. Using motion on the Wiimote along with certain button presses, Link is able to perform some of his abilities (Including just swinging the sword). Twilight Princess has, without a doubt, the most abilities out of any Zelda before it. Also, executing said abilities is very satisfying when you kill the monsters that roam Hyrule. However, once all the abilities are gotten, you’ll be craving more. There are never enough abilities.


Contrary to what many might think, Twilight Princess was built on the Wind Waker Engine. Keep in mind that said engine was heavily modified in order to allow more realistic graphics. Quite the step forward when you compare it to previous Zelda games. Nintendo also took a darker turn for Twilight Princess which is something many hardcore Zelda fans were looking for.


There is finally a voice in one of the Zelda games. No, I’m not talking about Link. I’m talking about Midna. Many people don’t realize it but Midna speaks her native tongue, the Twili language, all throughout the game. Naturally, you can’t understand her so you’re forced to read the subtitles in order to know what she’s saying. Naturally, everyone in the game still have their grunts, squeals, and laughter. And just like previous Zelda games, the player is able to sense emotion from these small sounds. Surprisingly, each weapon has its own sound. The detail put into this game is unparalleled. On the Wii, you can hear some of the Audio through the Wiimote. Mainly the discovery theme for when you open chests. On the topic of Music, Twilight Princess has some orchestrated pieces, as opposed to the usual MIDI music. Koji Kondo, the lead composer for Twilight Princess, has stated that he wants to push for Twilight Princess to be orchestrated. The orchestrated pieces in the game include “Midna’s Theme”, “Ilia’s Theme”, “Kakariko Village”, “Ordon Village”, “Hyrule Field Main Theme”, “Death Mountain”, “The Legend of Zelda: Orchestra Piece #2”, and “Hyrule Field Main Theme”. The music in the game is genius. Koji has really captured the feel of this game through his music. We can only hope he keeps up his great work throughout the future.


Twilight Princess has a big overworld map, bigger than any before it, in fact. As a result, the map is divided into provinces. A total of 6, including the Ordona Province, Faron Province, Eldin Province, Lanayru Province, Desert Province, and Peak Province. The Ordona Province contains Ordon Village. Ordon Village is the small village Link is from. The Faron Province is the woods north of Ordon Village. It contains the first temple in the game as well as the Temple of Time and the Master Sword. Next is the Eldin Province. The Eldin Province includes Kakariko Village, which is similar to an old deserted western town, and Death Mountain, which is the home of Many Gorons. The Lanayru Province is where Hyrule Castle Town, Lake Hylia, and Zora’s Domain reside. The Desert Province is exactly what you would think it is, originally where the Gerudo Fortress was stationed. Lastly, Peak Province is a mountain covered in ice. The mountain is named Snowpeak Mountain. The only things that live on the mountain are monsters and the Yeti Race. However, there is only two Yeti’s living on the mountain. Each province has its own geography which allows for Link to make use of the abilities he acquires through his quest. There are also two other places in Twilight Princess that aren’t part of any Province. The City in the Sky and the Twili Realm. The Twili Realm is where Midna and Zant usually reside. The City in The Sky is where Oocoo, little human bird thing, lives. His race is said to have helped make Hyrule.

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