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| June 3, 2015

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Is Link Gay? - Zelda Comic - The Legend of Zelda

In our second edition of The Secret Life of Link, we address a question we know all of you have pondered upon. Is Link gay? I think the picture may speak for itself. Enjoy Link shopping with Navi.
the legend of zelda comic


  1. Gollum

    We are not amused.

  2. PinkZelda

    …was this intended to make me laugh? If so…Epic Fail.

  3. PureLocke

    Blasphemy! Navi is blue!

  4. Matt

    hhmm, how you guys know Link isn't gay or maybe he is just metro sexual. :P

  5. Link could never be gay he has to many girls after him, and yes, Navi is blue!

  6. isake

    yes he is bisexual, because he gets down with zelda and shiek. and shiek is a guy

  7. Jonathan

    Hey!!!Remember Shiek is Zelda!!

  8. Stephen

    Link is always trying to find a new way to bury his mastersword in ganondorf… he has no time for stupid hoe's like Zelda who TIME AND TIME AGAIN GETS KIDNAPPED… or saria…. WHOS A FUCKING KID… or maybe Ruto… WHOS A PSYCHO BITCH THAT THINKS HES GONNA MARRY A ZORA COME ON A FUCKING ZORA REALLY? or maybe Nabooru. WHO FUCKING IS A LESBIAN SWORN TO BE PART OF GANONDORFS HAREM! IT SAYS SO IN THE DIALOG OF OOT FOR FUCKS SAKE.

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