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November 30, 2015

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Is Link Gay? - Zelda Comic - The Legend of Zelda

In our second edition of The Secret Life of Link, we address a question we know all of you have pondered upon. Is Link gay? I think the picture may speak for itself. Enjoy Link shopping with Navi.
the legend of zelda comic

  • Gollum

    We are not amused.

  • PinkZelda

    …was this intended to make me laugh? If so…Epic Fail.

  • PureLocke

    Blasphemy! Navi is blue!

  • Matt

    hhmm, how you guys know Link isn't gay or maybe he is just metro sexual. :P

  • shawn

    Link could never be gay he has to many girls after him, and yes, Navi is blue!

  • isake

    yes he is bisexual, because he gets down with zelda and shiek. and shiek is a guy

  • Jonathan

    Hey!!!Remember Shiek is Zelda!!

  • Stephen

    Link is always trying to find a new way to bury his mastersword in ganondorf… he has no time for stupid hoe's like Zelda who TIME AND TIME AGAIN GETS KIDNAPPED… or saria…. WHOS A FUCKING KID… or maybe Ruto… WHOS A PSYCHO BITCH THAT THINKS HES GONNA MARRY A ZORA COME ON A FUCKING ZORA REALLY? or maybe Nabooru. WHO FUCKING IS A LESBIAN SWORN TO BE PART OF GANONDORFS HAREM! IT SAYS SO IN THE DIALOG OF OOT FOR FUCKS SAKE.