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November 28, 2015

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Porygon Distribution Event

Porygon Distribution Event

Being my favorite Pokemon, I just had to post this bit of news. IGN has teamed up with the Pokemon Company to give away Porygons for Pokemon Black and White. I myself already have several Porygons,but I will still be getting my copy of Black out to get another.

Getting your very own Porygon is easy. Just register your copy of Black or White onto the Pokemon Global Link page and then make sure you have the C-Gear in your inventory. You will then be able to visit the Global Link page and enter IGNPORYGON into the password field.

Getting Porygon is that easy! So are you like me? Is Porygon your favorite Pokemon too? Let us know in the comments.

  • Ocarina11

    That is very neat and fun. I don't have Pokemon Black or White, but I'm happy for the people that do have them. :)
    I like Porygon, but I absolutely HATE Porygon2! :P
    It all started when I was trying to trade my Porygon so I could evolve it in Pokemon Silver. Right before the trade was done, it glitched, and my Suicune got lost. I ended up with a Porygon and a Porygon 2, but no Suicune. :( I kinda gave up on my Pokemon from there. LOL