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November 26, 2015

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Ocarina of Time 3D - Hidden Triforce

ocarina of time

Ocarina of Time 3D

Ocarina of Time Plot
Before the events of Ocarina of Time, there was a war between the races of Hyrule. During this war, a Hylian mother and her baby boy escaped the battles waged against the races. The mother, gravely injured, handed her baby boy to the Great Deku Tree, the guardian of the forest. She soon passed after and the child was raised as a Kokiri.

Meanwhile, the war last for an unknown period of time after, and soon the King of Hyrule unified the races and created Hyrule, a land with Hylians, Gorons, Zoras and other races together in peace. The Gerudos, however, had not yet unified into the country but they do, leading up to the opening of the game’s events.

The Great Deku Tree calls forth Navi, one of the forest’s fairies to come to him. He speaks and tells Navi to get the child without a fairy and bring him to the tree to break a curse. She does so and wakes the child, who is named Link, and after he collect the Kokiri Sword and Deku Shield he is able to enter the depths of the tree. He goes through the insides of the trees, fighting Deku Babas, Deku Scrubs, Skulltulas and other monsters and reaches the source of the Great Deku Tree’s curse, Gohma.

After defeating her, the Great Deku Tree is pleased by Link’s actions but says that although he did break the curse, the tree was already going to die soon enough. Link is then given the Kokiri Emerald, one of the Spiritual Stones, and is guided to Hyrule Castle. Avoiding the guards he eventually reaches the Castle Courtyard and meets with the Princess of Destiny, Princess Zelda. She finds out Link has the Spiritual Stone of the Forest, and tells him a story about her nightmares where dark clouds covered Hyrule and a green light pierced the clouds. After which she tells him that she’s told her father about the dream but he ignores her. Link meets Ganondorf here, the one who placed the curse on the Great Deku Tree. Zelda tells him that Ganondorf was going to make a treaty, but she didn’t really trust him and thought he was symbolized by the dark clouds.

Slightly fearful she tells Link to collect the other two Spiritual Stones so they can get the Triforce before Ganondorf could. she gives Link a letter and he is taught Zelda’s Lullaby by Impa, Zelda’s assistant, and then lead out of the Castle. After which he gathers a new shield, the Hylian Shield and goes back to Kokiri Forest to speak to his friend Saria. She teaches him a song which will allow him to talk to Saria whenever he wanted. Afterwhich he heads up Death Mountain and reaches Goron City where he plays Zelda’s Lullaby, a song only the Royal Messenger should know, and talks to Darunia the leader of the Gorons. Enraged that Link is nothing more than a child and not a real messenger, and Link noticed he wouldn’t talk, he plays Saria’s Song in hopes to calm him down. Darunia then starts to dance wildly and his depression is lifted and he gives Link the Goron Bracelet in order for Link to pick up Bomb Flowers which were needed to be picked up and thrown in order to access Dondogo’s Cavern. If Link defeated the monsters in the cave, then Darunia would be pleased enough and would give him the second Spiritual Stone, the Goron’s Ruby (also known as the Spiritual Stone of Fire).

Defeating King Dondogo soon after, Link is given the stone and heads up to the top of Death Mountain in order to meet up with the Great Fairy in order to get blessed with the ability to cast magic, which he needed in order to do a more powerful version of the Spin Attack. After which he flies down the mountain with the help of his old friend Kaepora Gaebora and heads for Zora’s River and Zora’s Domain to collect the third Spiritual Stone. However the Zora’s Princess was missing and Link finds a bottle with a letter from her saying that she was inside Lord Jabu-Jabu. After showing King Zora the letter, he gains access to Zora’s Fountain and gets inside Lord Jabu-Jabu by placing a fish in front of him which Lord Jabu-Jabu sucks both Link and the fish in.

After saving the Zora Princess, Ruto, and defeating the monster inside Lord Jabu-Jabu which was making him ill, Link collects the third and final Spiritual Stone, the Zora’s Sapphire (also known as the Spiritual Stone of Water). But he didn’t fully know that the Zora’s Sapphire was an engagement stone of sorts, so he was engaged with Ruto for a time, but he ignored it for now, returning to Hyrule Market.

However, once he got there, storm clouds started to collect and lightning struck the ground. The draw bridge to the market comes down and Princess Zelda and Impa ride off on a horse. Zelda notices Link and tosses the Ocarina of Time into the moat near him. Ganondorf then comes out and questions Links where Impa and Zelda had run off to, but Link doesn’t say and is thrown a few feet off as Ganondorf runs off. Link gathers the Ocarina of Time and has a vision of Zelda in the Temple of Time where she teaches Link the Song of Time.

Heading for the Temple of Time, Link plays the Song of Time to open the Door of Time and get access to the legendary sword, the Master Sword, however when he pulled it, he was put to sleep for seven long years and Ganondorf gains access to the Sacred Realm and collects the Triforce, becoming a mighty and evil king.

Meanwhile, Link is sealed in the Temple of Light in the center of the Sacred Realm and is awoken by Rauru the Sage of Light. He is then guided by both Rauru and soon Sheik to go awaken the other sages which are located in different temples within Hyrule. Once awakened, the six sages would come together and help seal off Ganondorf into the now Evil Realm.

Heading off to Kakariko Village first and collecting the Hookshot, then returning to his old forest, Link transverses through the Lost Woods and gains entry back to the Sacred Forest Meadow where he had to hide past corners to avoid Moblins. He then returns to where Saria used to play her song, and Sheik reappears, saying some wise words. Pulling out his harp, Sheik plays the Minute of Forest so Link could return back to that spot whenever he wished. Link then enters the temple and defeats the enemies inside, as well as Phantom Ganon with his new Fairy Bow awakening the Sage of Forest, Saria.

Returning to the Temple of Time to get more information about the sages, Link notices that Sheik was no longer protecting the Pedestal of Time. Sheik tells Link that he would need to gain access back to the past in his journey and should he need it he would warp back to the Temple of Time by the song: Prelude of Light. Sheik then disappears soon after.

Death Mountain wasn’t even spared by Ganondorf who revived a mighty and evil dragon named Volvagia. When Link returns to Goron City, he noticed a lone Goron remains who is Darunia’s son, named after Link himself. Link the Goron tells Link his father went to the Fire Temple to fight off the mighty dragon to save his people. Pleading for Link to save his father, Link the Goron gives Link the Goron Tunic which is a red tunic that protects him from the heat affect of being in Death Mountain’s Crater and the lava. Link then rushes to the Fire Temple and is stopped by Sheik again who now teaches him the Bolero of Fire in order to return to the same area again. Link then enters the temple and meets up with Darunia, saves the people from imprisonment, and defeats the dragon Volvagia with the Megaton Hammer found in the Temple.

Zora’s Domain was equally not spared and was frozen over by Ganondorf and Morpha. Link first heads to the Ice Cavern in order to collect the Iron Boots so he could access the Water Temple. After collecting those and defeating the enemies inside, Link is taught the Serenade of Water by Sheik. By unfreezing King Zora, Link was able to get a free pair of the Zora’s Tunic and Link warps to the Water Temple by using the Serenade of Water. In the Water Temple he meets up with Princess Ruto, but soon loses her later in the temple. After defeating enemies, Morpha, and even a dark-version of himself, Link awakens Princess Ruto as the Sage of Water.

Evil flew around Kakariko Village and fire was all around. Sheik stood in front of the well in Kakariko as an evil spirit broke free from the well and tossed Sheik and Link like ragdolls. Link eventually wakes up again and Sheik tells him that the spirit that lived in the well, Bongo Bongo, had returned and now was safely tucked away in the Shadow Temple which was deep in the Kakariko Graveyard. Sheik then tells Link that Impa was one of the sages and went to the Shadow Temple to help seal off Bongo Bongo again and that she needed help. Link agrees and is taught the Nocturne of Shadow by Sheik and heads to the shadow Temple, opening it by releasing Din’s Fire he got in the past. Entering the temple, then leaving and returning to get an item in the past, Link defeats the enemies in the dungeon and Bongo Bongo to save Impa, the Sage of Shadow.

The desert was relentless but wasn’t entirely ruined by Ganondorf. Link is captured by the gang of Gerudo who lived there, and saves four carpenters from their cells and is eventually recognized by the second-in-charge under Nabooru who has no name. Link then gains access to the Haunted Wasteland and goes through it and reaches the Spirit Temple. Sheik tells him that in order to access more into the temple, that a child must be lead back to the desert. Teaching Link the Requiem of Spirit, Sheik then disappears from the desert’s wind.

Returning to the past, Link heads to the Spirit Temple and meets up with Nabooru and agrees to get the Silver Gauntlets in order to gain more access to the Spirit Temple. However, she is captured later by Koume and Kotake and forced to work under Ganondorf. Link returns to the future with the Silver Gauntlets and pushes the large stone block blocking his way and proceeds deeper into the temple and collects the Mirror Shield. He fights one last Iron Knuckle before he faces against the true boss, only to realize it was Nabooru herself who vanishes soon after by Koume and Kotake. Link then fights the twin witches and manages to reflect their attacks to one another using the Mirror Shield before the both of them combined into Twinrova. She is defeated again by her attacks being absorbed into the shield itself and reflect back at her, eventually killing her.

Rauru contacts Link and tells him to go back to the Temple of Time, which Link does. Sheik tells more about the Triforce and soon reveals herself as Princess Zelda herself and the final sage. After receiving the Light Arrow from Zelda, Ganondorf captures Zelda in a crystal, forcing Link to head to Ganon’s Castle. Link is able to enter the castle by the help of the six sages, which build a rainbow bridge to the castle. After destroying the six barriers which protect the central tower, Link heads up and defeats several enemies and has a showdown with the evil king, managing to seemingly kill him.

Zelda is saved, but all is not well yet. Link and Zelda head down the tower and manage to escape the falling debris. All is well for a time, but a loud sound scares Zelda and Link checks it out. Ganondorf returns from the rubble and turns to Ganon, a mighty lizard-like boar. Enraged and animal-like, the beast easily knocks the Master Sword out of Link’s hands. Link then manages to weaken the beast by using his other weapons to lower the flame surrounding him and the beast and collect back the Master Sword. After fighting him again and knocking the beast down once more, Zelda comes and uses her power to hold down the evil king, and lets Link deliver the final blow. Calling the other six sages, Zelda opens the portal to the Temple of Light which the six sages use their power to drag Ganondorf into the realm and seal him up. It is then Ganondorf makes the threat to the Link and Zelda, saying he would kill their descendants.

At the end, Zelda returns Link to the past, using the power of the Ocarina of Time and sends Link into the past. The people of Hyrule rejoice that Ganondorf is dead and have a large party in Lon Lon Ranch. At the end of the credits, the Sages are seen flying over Lon Lon Ranch and watch the land from the top of Death Mountain.

Link then returns to the Temple of Time in the past and returns the Master Sword to the pedestal of time. Navi then leaves him, knowing Link no longer needs her protection and guidance, and Link heads to Princess Zelda… noticing it was sometime before they had even met… One could notice the Triforce of Courage still was inside his body, as his younger counterpart still had the symbol of his left hand.
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