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| May 22, 2015

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Nintendo World Championships 2015 Information

May 19, 2015 |

Last week Nintendo announced the return of the Nintendo World Championships. This contest, which hasn’t been seen since the early 90’s, offers Nintendo gamers the opportunity to compete for the title of World Champion.

Made popular in 1989’s Super Mario Bros. … Read More

Splatoon Nintendo Direct Details

May 8, 2015 |

Nintendo streamed a Nintendo Direct for specifically providing details for Splatoon, which is set to release on May 29th. Below is a list of many of the details mentioned in the stream.


  • In Splatoon, players take control of … Read More

Nintendo Mobile Games To Start Release in 2015

May 8, 2015 |

A few months ago we reported on Nintendo partnering with Japanese mobile game developer DeNA. In a recent meeting with investors that revealed a great 2014 sales year (turning their first annual profit since 2011), Nintendo president Satoru Iwata said … Read More

Nintendo Theme Park to Open at Universal Studios

May 7, 2015 |

It’s as if Nintendo Land is about to leave the game world and enter the real world.

According a press release from Universal Studios Theme Parks:

The immersive experiences will include major attractions at Universal’s theme parks and will feature Nintendo’s … Read More

Nintendo Themed Aquariums

April 22, 2015 |

Of all the creative ways to show your love for the Nintendo universe, crafting a Mario-themed aquarium is one of the most creative and original ideas I can think of.

Created by Kelsey Kronmiller, these wonderful aquariums are built … Read More

Splatoon Wii U Bundle

April 22, 2015 |

According to the Splatoon US Tumblr site, Splatoon will be getting a Wii U bundle sale exclusive through Best Buy and

Selling for $299.99, this bundle will also include Nintendo Land, one of the first titles for the Wii U.

Read More

Mario Kart 8 DLC update

April 2, 2015 |

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata announced today that the Mario Kart 8 DLC will release earlier than May. The DLC release is schedule for April 23. It will include that Villager, Isabelle, and Dry Bowser as new racers, along with four … Read More

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Design and Amiibo cards reveal

April 2, 2015 |

Revealed during today’s Nintendo, Animal Crossing: Happy Home Design consists simply of the decorating elements that the series is known for. Players will design and furnish homes for characters depending on their preferences. The game also comes with the first … Read More

Fire Emblem 3DS details

April 2, 2015 |

As revealed in today’s Nintendo Direct, the new Fire Emblem game for the Nintendo 3DS will have the player’s avatar as the main protagonist. Due to the character’s circumstances, they can fight for either side of the opposing kingdoms. The … Read More

Xenoblade Chronicles 3D details

April 2, 2015 |

Bill Trinen spoke for a while about details for Xenoblade Chronicle 3D, available only on the New Nintendo 3DS. The game stays true to the original Wii version while also adding the Collection Mode. This mode includes a soundtrack of … Read More