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| December 26, 2014

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New Website Project I am Working On

Just wanted to give everybody a heads up that I am beginning work on a new site project…however it is not Legend of Zelda related or even gaming for that matter. I am starting a website on the incredibly interesting subject matter of….wait for it…. captains beds . Yea it is a bit weird but I do not see it taking too much of my time so LegendZelda.net will still remain my number one priority.

In fact, I have been getting a lot of behind the scenes work done here on the site. Our Youtube channel is flourishing as subscribers and friends are coming at a much faster rate than before. We will also be having a new podcast coming soon to add some interactive content to the channel.

Our Zelda Forums are also back up and running after the switch from VB to IPB. We have a pretty cool Oracle of Seasons/Ages forum theme which is looking great. So feel free to head on over.

  • http://hiddentriforce.com Shin Hadoken

    This is THE BEST. Rofl'd so hard.