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| May 25, 2015

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Game Trailers Zelda Timeline Piece

Game Trailers Zelda Timeline Piece

Popular gaming site,, has released a trailer for a big upcoming Legend of Zelda Timeline piece they have been working on. For the last several months, Game Trailers has been putting together an excellent timeline retrospective series that will take a deep look into gaming’s greatest story.

The Zelda Timeline, always a hotly debated topic, will be investigated, by looking into the franchise’s past and plots. As of now they have a trailer that is teasing the official release, slated for November 29.

Check out the trailer here.


  1. Rift

    I'd say this is a must watch for every Zelda fan. It's really really well done.

  2. eric

    Twilight princess sacred grove second time, when I reached the spot to insert my sword it never says strike? What do I do?

  3. I think that this was a great idea from Gametrailers, because there are a lot of people that love Zelda. Really good idea!

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