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First Two Hours of Skyward Sword Explained

Kotaku has gone ahead and posted the first two hours of Skyward Sword and explains what happens throughout the entire game. It seems rather interesting knowing about the “high school drama” that happens in the beginning of the game as well as some other important information, especially covering information on the Hero’s Garb and first person in the game. If you jump ahead you can see the information as well as a bunch of new screenshots for Skyward Sword.


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  • unknownman

    That's awesome. : )

  • cmdicefire

    Wow, i can't wait for it to come out, i've already bought a wii motion plus controller and pre-ordered the game!!

  • Rosyan

    Yep, me too!!

  • Mrgaful

    shit spoilers!!! >.< anyways thanks for the info!! now i wont get mad if the first time of the race i loose!! :)

    • Rose

      I don't think it's possible to lose. But, knowing me, I'll find a way.

  • Richler:3

    Wow! it looks great *-* I wanna play it now >_< thanks for the post.

  • Jim

    Ya know, I always dreamed to live on a city in the sky…
    I was hoping that the Sky temple back in TP was more of a town, but nope. :
    So, this should be perfect.

    Mostly excited to explore Hyrule, even just the fields!

  • Zelda's savior

    I am hunting how to land my bird

  • Zelda's Savior

    Groose Reminds me of Gaston from beauty and the beast or is it just me