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November 26, 2015

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Big Week Coming Up

Christmas week will be a big one for us here at The Hidden Triforce. Over the last few days we have been very busy with new guides coming out every day. I just wrote a Spirit Tracks item guide as well which can be viewed from the main page down below.

Besides that, The Hidden Triforce contest will begin again later today. I will be adding the image to the site around midday. That way it is fair for people of all time-zones. So check in around noon-two pm EST to partake in our popular contest.

Last but not least, Daddy and I will be having a friendly competition. All of this week, starting on Monday through Saturday, we will take turns writing a Zelda based article. Whoever gets the most overall page views, comments, and votes over on our forums, will win and get bragging rights forever. So check in on Monday and start looking for these great articles.

  • Daddy

    This must be the first time someone's taken me seriously since special ed.